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First time, I am writing a blog from work. The bioschool computer lab is an environment very different from home. The constant hum of machines runs in the background, a tiny amount of condensation covers every glass surface that is exposed to the outside world on the other face. From my perch, I can see people operating all sorts of equipment. And that rat-a-tat of keyboards is but the only sound that disturbs the tranquil silence here.

I presented two papers today , and I think they were generally apprieciated. Though I dont think anyone wants anymore presentations for some time now, from anyone. In a few minutes, I will go for lunch. Yes, You heard that right. This time, I have been reminded via text message from home.

I dont know what to do until 1545 hrs, thats when I have my next lecture. Its boring, but its the last day. I think I’ll wait. Maybe look around for some movies on the LAN. Or even study for that Organic Chemistry test tomorrow. There are few things I learnt from the assignment , I plan to indulge in those.

Signing off for now…


Written by Nash

November 8, 2004 at 1:13 pm

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