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Diwali day

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Diwali is finally here, and I have given my Math test. It was’nt bad at all, mostly because the Prof. was generous . One problem –> Put the calculator on “STAT” mode and crunch through –> You’re done. Thats the summary of my test.

When I was watching my friends find out the standard deviation by evaluating (n-1) x Sum {Xi – E[X]}^2 , I realised how easy it had become for me just because I had taken 10 minutes to figure out how the STAT mode worked. You could use the manual , but manuals are for women. ( I know, feel free to flame me about that 🙂 ) Anyway, after that, I could find out the deviation with a keypress, and with a much cleaner , and error-free calculation. It was so easy, I feel like I cheated. :). Prof. don’t mind though. “You do this on a computer anyway.”, says he.

So there you go, Moral of the story : Things most people dont bother about could give you an edge.

Other than that, Pooja will be back from Pune. I have to pick her up so I’m expecting her call anytime. The dinner I mentioned before is probably happening tomorrow (what did I tell you?) . But its for the better anyway, would have been a hectic situation for some of us. Plus more of us, would be around tomorrow, or so Sarada says.

Its a lazy afternoon and all’s well…

PS : Do check out Roodge’s Blog (in the links) . Currently , the fella talks more about his friends than himself.


Written by Nash

November 12, 2004 at 4:25 pm

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  1. Dear All 3 readers of this blog, currently i have been introducing the key playas in my life…shall eventually start writin about myself more. However the hype of the blog is overwhelming..the only problem with this website is u gotta have an account to leave comments and all my lazy ass friends dont wanna create accounts. Plannin on fixin that the way…why doesnt Pooja start one? So that we can hear her side of the story when Nachi forgets to call (and forgets all those romantic things). It will give me a chance to tease the hell outta nachi. Later People. Rugved


    November 14, 2004 at 3:07 am

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