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Thought I was slipping away again, did you? Hehhe, not this time. Its just that for the last week I have been completely busy with my end sems…and they are finally over. They were good, I enjoyed, and all in all, I think I’ve learnt a lot from the courses this term.

Anyway, quite a few things have happened these days, some things are new…some things not. Amongst the veryday affairs are the “advice” from concerned individuals about my eating habits and such. And for that, I have this to say, which certain important people have termed “nakhre” which means which means , in this context, “an unnecessary show of attitude or non-cooperation over trivial issues.” For that, I have one thing to say. Do not ask question whose answers you are not prepared to listen to.

As for eating habits, I like to eat on my own time, the way I want, which I assure you is scientifically sound and healthier than what is generally beleived. My test reports will show that. What many people do not understand that for all my passion to science and biology, I would never do anything that is obviously detrimental. To those who do not beleive me, I am proud (and now some people will call this arrogance, they never learn 😛 ), that I have never been wrong till date when it comes to biology, medicine and so on. This is not because I have some supernatural ability, but only because I research everything before formulating a belief, which may or may not adhere to “popular” beief. This is why its so difficult to change my opinion, not because I am stubborn, but most people are simply unable to provide enough logical evidence to show me otherwise compared to what I have already read through. When I ask for the evidence/reasons , they call it “kees kaadhne”. Again, you cant win ’em all.

Besides that, there isnt much to say, today was uneventul, I have been sleeping only a couple of hours for the last 5 days and I made up for all that since yesterday…

Its now time for my holiday activities….More on that soon, plus Praising Pooja – II coming up.


Written by Nash

November 27, 2004 at 8:05 pm

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