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Poor girl…an extract from the conversation from I had yesterday with a friend. Reminded me of the BOFH series. 🙂

Nachiket says:

Good night now

Anahita says:


Nachiket says:

I am gonna hit the bunk

Anahita says:

Anahita says:

wish i could too..there’s sooooo much to do

Nachiket says:


Anahita says:

i dunno when i’ll be done

Anahita says:


Nachiket says:

So you mean to say when I will be lying on my comfy bed , relaxing , awaiting serene sleep, without a care in the world, and wondering what sweet dreams I shall have tonight….you will be slogging over the unpleasant glow of the monitor….pushing keys while your back complains, but the tensions of tomorrow not letting you sleep?

Anahita says:

may u rot in hell

Anahita says:

may u turn into an insomniac

Anahita says:


Nachiket says:


Nachiket says:

good night

PS : I realize people don’t comment because they don’t know how to. You have to click on the “0 comments” link below…and then “Post a comment”


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November 29, 2004 at 11:27 am

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