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Good Morning..Good Gaming

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Ahh..another late night withers away into an early morning….its 2.50 am..the weather is getting chilly and its really good these days. I drift off too sleep so often that I end up sleeping most of the day.

Winters in Mumbai have started becoming cold…its 18 deg C today…pleasant climate. Nice to have a respite after the October heat wave.

So I think we’ve established that I think the weather is cool (no pun intended) these days.

Its was a nice day today..I went over to Pooja’s and she had made me some good pasta/noodles on which I didnt quite catch the name…t’was something- “roni” and then we chatted a while…came home and then slept…then dinner..normal day…and then I went online….check emails…nothing, log on to IM…nothing.

Then went over to Wikipedia, contributed some information there , specifically on Werner Heisenberg. Surfed around, organized my folder on the computer…played Max Payne 2, the game . Its ok, does not match the quality of Deus Ex or Halo. I like the Deus Ex story …I think it borrows from “The Da Vinci Code” …cause it has the Illuminati and conspiracy woven in.

Halo on the other hand has a typical sci-fi story line. You see, it goes like this : Firstly , you play the part of an armoured soldier-type guy who is called simply “Master Chief” (a army designation, btw) . You are brought out of cryonic storage as a last resort when the ship transporting you is attacked. I’ll come to why its attacked.

You see, there is this alien race, the Covenant that is at war with earth, and its a sort of a fight for colonization. However , the Covenant are hatching a different plan too. They want to find an ancient weapon, that no one (not even the Covenant) really knows how to work…or even what it is. Galactic legends speak of it…and its approximate location. The legends are however clear about one thing, the controller of this weapon, called “the Halo” will control the fate of the galaxy.

Thats what the Covenant are doing, looking for Halo, when our ship intercepts them and they attack the ship. To prevent the Covenant from capturing the ship, the Captain downloads the ships computer AI, gives it to Master chief (us), sends everyone out through escape pods and scuttles the ship. The escape pods land on the nearest suitable system, which is a sort of wierd planetary size ring. The ring looks artificial, but on the inner side is proper terrain similar to earth. In the centre of the ring is a star , from which the ring derives energy.

Part of the Halo Ring-World seen in the sky : Its like we are standing on the inner face of the ring…so you can see it curve above you in the sky near the horizons:

So we are out on to this ring, strangely, the Covenant are too…you play the game and a few interesting levels later…you realise that the ring, itself is Halo!

Now you know why the Covenant are also here! They seem to know that Halo is close…but they dont know they are standing on it! Cool…they find out soon enough as they explore the ancient buildings on the ring and reach the control center. At about the same time , a third species seems to appear out of nowhere, called the Flood. Now these are’nt particularly intelligent…but they devour anything, are resistant to our energy pistols etc and ALWAYS show up in the hundereds. They are painful..and as you play on you realise you aren’t gonna win with these kinds of numbers of the Flood breathing down your neck everywhere.

Fighting the Covenant :

Towards the last few levels , you meet an AI, installed by the ancients in the Main Control Building of Halo. Now this AI is on an ego trip due to its immense intelligence, and is entrusted with the job of keeping the Flood at bay. It informs you that the Covenant , in their explorations, have unleashed the Flood. (In general , the Covenant are just troublemakers 😛 ), and now everyone is running from the flood – the Covenant and the Humans both, since you cant really kill it…it just grows back in more numbers.

The Flood Critters : Type 1

You find out sometime later … that the Flood, is like a plague…it spreads fast…moves easily….devours anything…and leads to the destruction of entire galaxies because of its numbers and appetite for other species.

Ancient Buildings on the Halo Ring-World :

Now you’re left wondering…is Halo the weapon? Or is the Flood the weapon that the ancients wanted to hide ? hmm…

And then the story ends brilliantly. Its in the end that you realise that The Flood is unstoppable…thats why the ancients built Halo. Halo is a weapon after all…its like a bomb that destroys the entire galaxy around it…it doesnt kill the flood directly…but it kills everything else in the galaxy…the Flood then have nothing to eat until many million miles…(Light bulb goes on)…..

….The ancients made Halo so that if the Flood was ever unleashed, they would kill everything around the it and STARVE THE FLOOD.

The AI in the control center would trigger Halo if the Flood was released.

But then with some heroic acts etc you do manage to escape…and Halo is detroyed…not triggered. What happens to the Flood ?…In Halo 2…:)

Nice eh…I’m sure sci-fi fans will like it. The gameplay is good are the graphics. This was for the non-gamers who dont see why we can play on for hours on end without tiring…cause its not all about shoot-shoot-shoot-jump-shoot….the good ones do have interesting stories…Maybe I’ll write what Deus Ex isabout sometime.

All right..enough rambling. Laters…


Written by Nash

December 2, 2004 at 3:20 am

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  1. Wow,

    I am really impressed the my brother actually wrote a review of a Game…. 😉

    Devavrat Vartak

    December 2, 2004 at 8:55 am

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