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Its been a busy week and the next one will be too, but this update comes because I felt I must write something about my friends. Yes, this sudden focus on friends is because a good friend of 3 years, Amar, wrote the most touching, full of praise and flattering testimonial on my Hi5 profile.

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Amar says:

nachiket …. very difficult to explain this guy ! .. humm … we’ve

been friends for past 3 years now .. but still after all this time i am not sure that i really know him that well .. but from whatever little I know of him …

I can definately say that he’s been a great friend …moreover a true person !

he has been a source of many things for me … science in perticular and then there’s metallica and hard rock .. softwares, computer-games, to learn programming (or atleast to start with some preliminary stuff) … he’s a very influential person .. he presents himself and his ideas really well .. in a very precise manner … he is full of surprises .. you never know what he’ll be doing next. .. he takes ppl for a ride with his “palmestry” ..i know that coz i’ve been a victim of his stupid “this line – that line talk” …. he’s a very self-controlled person i feel..always in control of the situation .. and when it comes to science .. he is someone who knows what science is all about .. what more can I say … hey nachi, just be the same you are .. keep giving me new games (nah ! kidding …) ..

Click here to see : Amar’s profile

For that I thank Amar, not just for his kind words, but through his brief analysis of my character, he gave me a sort of affirmation that I am actually becoming the person with the qualities I seek to imbibe in myself.

I must confess , to me “friends” will always refer to a handful of people with whom I’ve shared a few years of my life. I have observed them, learnt from them and they are part of my thoughts more often than they know…

As for Amar, I shall write again , on his profile. Until then, stay tuned.


Written by Nash

January 15, 2005 at 6:26 pm

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