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The workload has been substantially reduced because someone up there had the bright idea of letting us file printed literature in the journals. Biophysics experiments have to be completed on the computer…so less and less writing this semester.

Of course, microbiology is still chewing at at foot like a desperate beaver chews tree bark. I’m really looking forward to the weekend. It will be much awaited. Its this excessive work(Yes, I know I dont do as much work as the sincere students in the hostels 😛 ) for Generations that has forced me to shift my focus from learning. I was on a role. However, I have decided, this week will be the last. There are too many important things I want to be doing , to leave time to Generations type pursuits.

I must get back to reading, some good sleep, work on software and set up curve fitting and graphing packages on my computer and so on, besides catching up on the courses.

I did manage to woo the Biophysics instructor , I think her name is Deepa, into providing me her lab’s CD (from Chem. Engg) of Origin 7.5 to process data. Its a big thing because labs here are pretty conservative regarding licensing on software.

Ordinary mortals get by on Microsoft Excel, but I shall use Origin 7.5. I shall analyze my data on a $489 mathematics package, just to find out the slope of a few graphs. I beleive the term is “overkill”.

But boy, do I love overkill 🙂


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January 18, 2005 at 9:19 pm

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