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The Monsoon is here

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As I sit here, against the opthalmologists recommedations that I should not use the computer/read as far as possible, I was writing a blog about how my eyes are fatigued due to constant activity that requires them to focus on objects that are near. I realised it was time to pay the opthalmologist a visit when I went to pick up my Aunt at the airport and from the car park, roughly 60 feet away, the flight status indicator at the terminal was a mild blur…and just using my left eye, it was a definite blur.

Thankfully, I get no glasses, just like last year, and my vision turns out to be near normal. Its just that my eyes are fatigued and all I got to do is rest them and put a few lubricating eye drops.

All this is rather boring to someone who is not interested in whether I am blind or need a telescope to watch TV….but then there is was , the first rain of the monsoon…Not a tease by the clouds, not a drizzle….definite liquid precipitation. For once, the weather guys were right..they said it would come this weekend, and it has 🙂

The entire mood has changed. Through summer, there was lethargy seeping through me. The same old drab of life was carrying on. But a change in the season has stirred new feelings. There is a lot to do this year, the lethargy is vanishing. Time to gear up….Its June…its raining. A new year and a lot of new experiences coming my way….

Bring it on!!


Written by Nash

June 12, 2005 at 1:10 pm

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