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Hacker’s Guide To Gaining Root On A Girl : Mysteries Revealed

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Before we continue, to Linux/Unix newbies, gaining “root”, refers to obtaining the system priviliges of the system administrator , referred in *Nix jargon as the “root user”. If you had root access on a system, you controlled ALL aspects of it.


* * * Analyzing the target * * *

Purpose: to make sure $she is really worth it all$. Be *sure* she isn’t
just another incompatible one before you take any action.

All you need to do is check for dependancies. Find out what she gives
priorities to.

If looks are all that counts, it tells you she pays attention to you
only because of your GUI. She might even call your $parents someday and
say, “The product you released XY years ago has a considerably pleasing
graphical interface. Thank you ever so much. I’m trying to upgrade him by
adding some minor development paths.” What is wrong with this, paying
attention to the GUI only and not putting efforts to dig deeper reveals
her being a weak hacker. The development she’d make on you wouldn’t be
the development you need (and, actually, want).

Meanwhile, the following statements show her have the right attitude (check
if she’s prone to adapt any of them to you):

– “I appreciate him because of his kernel (aka: personality), it’s really stable.”
– “he’s well documented” (aka: honest/fair).
– “the source is pretty clear” (aka: simple, easy-going).
– “debugging doesn’t require much effort” (aka: flexible).
– “he’s easy to update” (aka: open-minded).
– “modules are easily handled” (that is, moods).
– “he’s got several ports open for me” (aka: aproachable).
– “… still he doesn’t accept anonymous connections” (aka: faithful and
– “a minor data leak occurs occasionally, but i guess it’s ok” (aka: talkative).
And, most important of all:
– “he wasn’t all the above before I did some coding on him. I’ve done a
significant improvent to his source, and generally all the merits belong
to me.” (several things come out from this one: 1- she thinks she roots you;
2- that is only in her mind that she roots you, indeed; 3- you’ve
succeeded in making her believe she roots you, that is good ‘cos this
attitude simplifies the process of you getting the root on *her* —- once
again, that reveals you being an experienced hacker).

Once you finish analyzing the target, you may proceed to the second part of
the process.

Womnen of the world, feel free to flame me…lol 😉


Written by Nash

June 14, 2005 at 12:20 am

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