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Blogging is viral. The strongest motivation you can have to write a blog, is if your friend has one. Most of us will soon develop an uncontrollable urge to ramble. The urge, is also periodic; it waxes and wanes depending on time, boredom etc. The latest addition to the blogosphere is Maya (of the Murdeshwars). In case her blog name gives you ideas… No, she doesn’t have any particular passion, addiction for citrus fruits. The blog is not about citrus fruits either. And no, no addiction for small round yellow things either. (I’ll stop now).

Another friend of mine Kate, wrote a post about choosing good titles for your thesis , which is , as it turns out, an art. The reader must realise the thesis is about something, and must be tricked into reading the thesis for the maximum number of pages before realising it’s not the ground breaking work the title suggests. One can actually graph out the efficiency of the title by counting the average number of pages the reader goes through before cursing himself. Like this post, for example. You don’t really know what it is about, do you ? 🙂

Like Seinfeld put it once, “This show is about …Nothing!”. Anyhow, 2 years ago, at about this time, I went to Kelshi, which was an amazing time. There is something attractive about visiting your roots. Pristine beaches and absolute quite are some of the advantages. By the way, something to really look out for is to go on a pristine isolated beach in the Konkan strip on a full moon night. Combined with the dark shadows in the Deodar trees that often line the coast, the unreflective sand, cool whistling breeze and the ocean faithfully reflecting the full moon, make up a totally eerie site. Looking at the shadows, you really begin to hope none of the dark shapes are moving towards you. Local belief in ghosts and tantrics doesn’t help much either. Even if you do not find any “spirtual” companions, you are likely to find some crazy fellow playing around with human bones and performing all kinds of rites.

Here is picture of Keshi beach, the green patch you see on the right has the village hidden. Yes, that is the entire village.

I think I will goto Kelshi again, once my term is over…perhaps this time, I will brink back photos of the beach by night…


Written by Nash

March 30, 2006 at 1:21 am

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  1. Thanks for the publicity Nash 🙂
    Hope I can get my blog in better shape before people start noticing it!


    March 30, 2006 at 1:56 am

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