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Censorship Sux!

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I am guessing a lot of my friends who are also bloggers have been alarmed by the news that the * domain has been blocked by Indian ISPs according to a directive issued by the DoT, Govt. of India.

Now India has always been pro-censorship, whether legal or otherwise. I wonder though, how simply blocking blog hosting web-sites like Blogger or Typepad is going to get of the basic ideas of hatred that reside in many fanatical brains. This is another example, when the bureaucrats up north think they know what is best for the country. A nation of fools and sheep, are we?

Of course, bloggers are not going to take this lying down. Numerous methods are already out there to subvert such ‘bans’; while techies will easily understand that using one of the freely available web proxies such as Unipeak can be used to access all websites, a more comprehensive list of workarounds has been posted at Censorship Wikia .

As for me, I got on to and did a simple import of my blog at Blogger.

PS : I may have scared the aforementioned Maya into thinking that she has spyware on her computer when she told me that she could access her blog. Apologies! – apparently, my ISP was a little late in carrying out the directive. 😉


Written by Nash

July 19, 2006 at 1:25 am

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