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Shopping over…and a phase over

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The last 20 days have been rather eventful, both pleasant and unpleasant. Let me start with the good news : my shopping is all over to leave for Germany….and I now have a good rucksack , shoes, chlothing and a brand new HP Pavilion DV5200TX.

I spent some time setting it up with the OSes and software I use. Meanwhile I also gave a short lecture at my alma mater St.Xavier’s College on DNA Supercoiling, determined to try and offer a better explanation of it , then I had in my B.Sc days.  At least I thought it went of well 🙂

The IITB Convocation took place on August 11th, and I am finally a degree holder of Master of Science. The IITB chapter is finally over.Rearing for the new stuff…

I finally planned to leave for Germany on the 6th of September, early morning.

And now for the bad news, a death in the family, my cousin’s dad. It was rather untimely, and though he was ill,  it was very unexpected. I’d been to his place, the whole day for part of the final rites, and they are being very brave and composed.

Once more, I feel like 2006 is a year of turmoil….rapid changes taking place all around me. New places, people, ideas and changes in the perception of the world, changes in responsibilities and so on are coming up in various spheres and it seems like the cosmic recycler is going on full force..


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August 13, 2006 at 8:28 pm

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