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I am writing this blog so early in the morning and just discovering the pleasure of writing a post while on the bed, sipping coffee , with a refreshed mind.

Sleeping early in the evening left me wide awake at 4.30 am today…and while doing odd jobs like sending over a book to a friend over the internet, I thought it would be a good time to write about the eventful weekend. I just got back in touch with Amey Nadkarni , my best friend from school. Happenings in the past had diverged out paths for some time, and I admit that I had a certain degree of complacency in fixing that.

Thanks to Pooja , I did meet him eventually, and found that while time has wrought a lot of changes in him, the chemistry we had before is still there. There was no hesitation, and I could talk just as freely as before. In case you’re thinking this is beginning to sound mushy , it’s not. It’s just about meeting people who you spend a lot of time with and then suddenly drift away.

It seemed that the theme for this weekend was nostalgia, as I also met the group of family friends that we had any-a-dinner and weekend trips with, the most memorable being a beach trip to Revdanda (Kashid Beach, Raigad, Maharashtra). The eldest of the kids is now getting married, and those that I saw as toddlers are now finishing school and starting college.

I know I am too young to feel this way, but I am beginning to understand what getting too involved in your own activities and missing what happens in the world means…


Written by Nash

August 22, 2006 at 7:16 am

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