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Pratibha’s Prohibition

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Great, I’ve lost two days of Tv viewing…Sports fans all over Mumbai are going to be dismayed. The housewives who watch the Saans Bahu serials will miss a few of the twists that Ekta Kapoor puts in , so that their concept of the story is ruined.

And who is to blame ? Pratibha Naithani. She is perhaps from the class of people who do not know how to mind their own business. She probably does not care to watch to much television and she probably does not care to watch “adult channels.” she’s no stranger to this and has been poking her nose in the affairs of public for several years. Last year she put a spanner in the works for a Hindi Film and when she thought the Mid-Day was a pornographic paper .

But here is thought , I would actually like to choose what I watch. I think it is fair considering I pay for the cable subscription , not you, Prof. Nathiani.

For your benefit though, Prof.Nathiani, I will let you know of a patented feature on your television set : it’s called the off-switch. If this feature is too complicated to use, you can choose to not tune a channel onto your television set at all…never knew that did you ?


Written by Nash

August 22, 2006 at 8:43 pm

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