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Greasemonkey’s Ugly Icon

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Hey people. I am sure many of you use Firefox. Greasemonkey is an amazing firefox extension that allows you to run site-specific scripts that can used to improve functionality and interface of various websites.

BUT it comes with an completely UGLY icon of a monkey that looks like this : Ugly

…and shows at all times in the Firefox Status Bar. It completely kills the slim, efficient look of Firefox with a goofy looking monkey in the status bar. So , I decided to change the look by adding a much sleeker Firefox Icon instead that looks like : Nice

So , if you want this icon : you can install this version of Greasemonkey after UN-installing the native version :

XPI : Greasemonkey

I think it looks far better.


Written by Nash

November 20, 2006 at 6:46 pm

Posted in Daily Updates

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