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The Move

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In the new year, i’ve been having a lack of enthusiasm. Lazing around somehow has received a higher priority than getting serious work done. Lying on the bed at 4 in the morning wide awake makes you contemplate your situation, and search for philosophical and metaphysical justifications of your actions.

I think I have reached a conclusion. I’ve been slacking around because somewhere inside I know my time here is done. I’ve learnt what I came here to learn and even whipped up some results, preliminary though they may be. Heidelberg favours me no more, while Dortmund awaits. Memories shall remain though…I enjoyed my time here, and I owe the city to provide me with the novelty and lessons of staying in this country, as well as a very dear friend.

This post is not about nostalgia, I’ve been here for too short a time to have that feeling yet. The move is planned within the next week, mighty unfortunate since a good friend from India Sarada visits in 3-4 days, and I will be in the middle of hectic experiments to finish up at Heidelberg and the moving. But the time has come, I reckon I will find much enthusiasm northwards.

On a lighter note, it has begun to snow, and I had my first experience with snowflakes. They are absolutely fascinating…really are as geometrical as the books tell you. Though you don’t want to go out too often to see them…it’s freezing out there, of course.

There are a few minor things to wrap up…and after that I shall bid the city Auf Wiedersehen.


Written by Nash

January 24, 2007 at 8:52 am

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  1. hey namesake!!!1 u write awesome man…….and interestin stuff….all nachikets rock!!!even if there arent too many!!!u had bday in december too? kool! ive been idling time away myself this year!! in a nonchalant lazy mood maself! its not about lack of enthusiasm……i think its about finding enthusiasm……were meant for greater things maybe….hehe…….keep writin.all d best….godblesss


    January 30, 2007 at 11:58 am

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