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Scheisse! Dieses ist kaputt!

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You’re going about your life, with a pretty set vision of what you want to do….and suddenly you have a million things to worry about. Unnecessary hassles, that occur not through any carelessness , but out of chance (or so I believe). There are some problems in life that you just know mean nothing and didn’t have to happen at all.

It begins with the little things – I thought of visiting the city center today and look around for stuff I can take to India , for my trip next week. Usually, the German S-Bahn (short-distance trains)  work like clockwork….arriving at the stations by the second, but today – major line break and the S-Bahn between Duesseldorf and Dortmund was down for 1 hour. So no city center for me. I left the station amidst mumblings of “scheisse!” and people hustling to reach the bus stop on time to get where they needed to.

On a more serious note, it seems that the moving chaos has cost me all my academic certificates. They are lost in the move , trashed even, perhaps. I cannot find them. Fortunately, I do have duplicate copies, but re-doing the originals will be a pain.

Science ? my standardization ?….the Boss is still sorting out the politics. No progress there.

Really wanted to talk to Pooja today , but her Internet gave out. Bummer.

…and then  there are personal causes of concern that I am too discrete to discuss on the blog.

And thus, a spanner falls in the majestic workings of an individual’s life. Kaputt!

Where the hell is the RESET button on this thing ?


Written by Nash

February 24, 2007 at 4:23 am

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