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The last two weeks were sent visiting home. And man , was it refreshing. I realise I am so attached to family that the only thing that could spurt new life into me was a visit back home. I did see a run of good luck….all my certificates that I had ‘lost’ turned up in one piece. They were sitting safe at the institute…all issues were resolved, and the fog in my path ahead – professional and personal has cleared up. Even professionally, it seems I am getting more work done in the two days I am back here than I did in the month I was here before that.

Amazing how home can recharge your batteries. Going home, I had a few very pleasant surprises, and coming back, I noticed that spring is here…the flowers are blooming and all the poetic melodrama. But I see the sun, I can sit in the sunlight again. I decided to take up photography and got a nice camera…the Canon S3 IS : and spring around here seems the right time for some beginner level good shots.

Pictures will come soon…


Written by Nash

March 25, 2007 at 7:51 pm

Posted in Daily Updates

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