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The glittering lights of the city spread to the horizon, a million fireflies that defied the darkness surrounding them. ‘Men are like fireflies…’ he thought, ‘lighting up in the darkness,wallowing in their brilliance, only to be easy prey to the monsters that lurked in the shadows.’

He came up here often. The vast view seen from this hill-top gave him the illusion of seeing ‘the big picture’. And the cool mountain breeze reminded him that no matter how much concrete may surround him, the elements always surrounded him. He would often imagine a strong gust of wind, the crackle of spring water and the moist earth that lay just outside the city-scapes, n his hill. The towering concrete giants would be replaced by dwarfed grass-blades in the meadows beyond – invisible to him from his sidewalk or his home or his office, but he knew it was there.

Like all men, he had loved. He often thought of bringing her to his solace. But he was afraid. Afraid that she might never understand the charm of the place. Never understand what drew him there. And most of all, never unravel herself to him in this place of introspection. So he kept her away. He did not want to face the possibility of her being non-chalanced, plain or even bored after coming here. He wanted to tell her how he saw the world, but he was afraid she might not want to listen.

The thought train was interrupted with a deep rumble….He listened…and damp thud….a car door. The silhouette emerged, and grass swayed to accommodate the feminine gait.

The figure had a pleasant demeanour and her perfume filled the mountain breeze. It was her.

“Too late”, he thought, “its time to face my fears.”

A pleasant smile she had, and a feminine softness about her.

“I saw your car pull away, as I came to visit you. You seemed to head out of the city , and I wondered. You never told me you were leaving for any place….so I followed.” .

She said that with a tinge of guilt …”I hope you don’t mind.”

He comforted her. “No , its all right. It’s cold.” He gave her his coat and pulled her closer as they sat on the grass, looking back at the city before them.

Inside, anxiety gripped him and they sat silence for an eternity.

And then, a silent whisper from her : “You know, these light remind me of fireflies.”

He smiled. The anxiety was gone. And he told himself…”…fireflies, yes…and my distrust is the monstrosity.”

She didn’t know it. But she saved him, from the monstrosity within.


Written by Nash

April 6, 2007 at 1:28 am

Posted in Daily Updates

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  1. It’s beautiful!


    April 14, 2009 at 5:03 am

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