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The Irony

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At the institute where I work , there is a certain neglected space, – a far-cry from the polished glossy surfaces that make most of the institute building. At the back of the building is an area reserved for the outcasts – the trash bins , empty cardboard boxes that have fulfilled their purpose and boring tanks of a myriad gases. Smokers brought on by ashtray and wandering rabbits are the only visitors to this area at night. The only company available is the native rat family .

It is here that we discovered a comical but almost so confusing setup of still life, that one might think it was art…

What is one to make of the curious juxtaposition of the Shell Oil Container and the ashtray ? Did the health-fascists want to kill the smokers off ?
What sadistic irony did they think of when hanging the fire extinguisher above the oil…so that if a fire starts , one must fight the fire to reach the extinguisher ?

The conspiracies of a scheming mind seeking to finish the smokers off …. in a (pun intended) puff of sooty smoke lathered with creamy foam…


Written by Nash

October 18, 2007 at 2:01 am

Posted in Daily Updates

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