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I had the most wonderful talk of my life…it makes me feel a thousand fold better.

I didn’t know it – but it was eating at me, all this repressed mistrust and anger, all for the sake of being politically correct and maintaining relations. Do I care about these ? Sure. But it was being a complicated mess, and I felt like I had to sort all problems and achieve the goal that everyone said was natural, obvious and imortant but no one seemed to be working at.

So I said it, spoke my heart out and gave my brain a rest without worrying about consequences. I feel free now , carefree – not from responsibilities, but this enormous burden is gone. It vaporized in a few sentences.

As a child, I vowed that I would not be entangled in this mess that people create with relationships. Fate had another plan. Ha, but I win . I’ve rid myself of this , unraveled the knot that tied me in so firmly.

Ego-maniacal ? Selifsh , you say ? I don’t care. I don’t owe any explanations. My conscience is clear. So is my mind. Man is born alone.

The windy , cold and damp November in Dortmund doesn’t bother me anymore.

I see sunshine.


Written by Nash

December 3, 2007 at 2:10 am

Posted in Daily Updates

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  1. Its so ‘SIMPLE’ to be happy but so ‘DIFFICULT’ to be simple!!

    Relationships like religion are often made complicated as opposed to the belief that they are meant to be complicated…having said that, since i’m not aware of the basis to wich you have reacted in your write up…i take peace in the fact that you followed your heart and found relief…such is life’s drearies! Keep it simple…always…


    December 6, 2007 at 11:12 pm

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