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One of the reasons I read Slashdot is because the commments on postsare one of the best sources of geek humour around. Today I read a comment on a story about PayPal recommending that people stop using Safari, that had all the flair and passion of a classic post-apocalyptic era novel. I quote :

Well, if there’s group of users that has been told repeatedly that their computer is safe from viruses, that it “just works,” and that they don’t need to be concerned with computer threats of any kind…it’s Apple users. Sitting in their offices, wearing their turtlenecks and sipping their lattes, the only thing about phishing they’ve heard about is that it happens to other people. Uglier people. They’re not used to having to defend themselves, not like Windows users. Windows users have a battle-scarred paranoia…they’ve seen worms that can rewrite their BIOS, steal their credit cards, and kidnap their firstborn. Their 50 yard stares have been earned by fixing their mom’s computer for the eighth time this month, and damnit if they’re going to lose another computer to some Ethiopian scammer…not after the last time. Their nightmares are the stuff of Steven King novels, the earlier stuff with lovecraftian clowns and superplagues that are the start of apocalyptic battles between good and evil. Their best days on the internet involve life and death struggles against the next pop-up, because it might be their last. Ironically, Mac users have never had to live with the terror that clicking on that “win a free iPod” might just cause their computer to explode, spamming their grandmother with anal tranny porn on its way out. Maybe it’s time they should… …wait, what the hell was I talking about?


– SterlingSylver on Slashdot

Who won’t be moved by that piece, now ?


Written by Nash

March 4, 2008 at 5:52 am

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