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Dortmund Vs. Shalke

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Living in Germany one can’t really escape the Football madness. Yesterday, Schalke played against Dortmund – both teams bitter rivals, at Westfalionstadion in Dortmund. Now you have to understand the context here – When it comes to Schalke and Dortmund, the football games are not games. It’s personal…emotions are raging…and there is a lot of alcohol.

Schalke won, and the visiting teams fans were suddenly in a very hostile city…Dortmunders ready for payback at their crushing defeat.  The stadium being only 10 minutes away from my apartment , I was woken to loud chanting and singing. Thankfully, the police were aware and ready for what was to follow.

I did manage to get a few shots from my window of the largest concentration of police I’ve seen in Germany. 30 vans, probably hundred or so police on foot in full riot gear and even police on horse-mount!

Police Drive Dortmund (in yellow) Fans Away



Schalke Fans (in blue) taken to the train station in full police escort



View the full album here : Dortmund vs. Shalke Police


Written by Nash

September 15, 2008 at 1:05 am

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